Our Top 5 Free Stock Image Libraries

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Our Top 5 Free Stock Image Libraries

Whether you’re looking to use stock images for a client presentation or a blog post, finding the right stock is no easy task. You may be wondering if using stock images is the right thing to do. After all, anybody can purchase the image and it’s certainly not personal to your brand.

However, using stock images for something temporary such as a mock-up, client presentation, or even a blog post not only saves time, but also creates a good first impression.

Stock images don’t have to cost the earth; in fact they can cost you absolutely nothing. We have put together some of our favourite free stock image libraries for you to use in your next project or blog post.

Unsplash Stock Images


unsplash stock image

Unsplash updates with ten new stock images every ten days. The images are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free. Many of their images are of atmospheric landscapes, people and objects.

Snapwire Snaps



Snapwire Snaps updates with seven new images every week. The images are available to the public domain to use as they see fit. The images are a wide range of landscapes, people and objects similar to Unsplash. Previous week’s images can be downloaded in packs.

Picography Stock Images



Picography’s images are provided free of charge and under the Creative Commons Public Domain CC0 licence. The images are more specialist and may require a level of browsing to find the gem you are looking for.




Gratisography is a free stock photo library solely from the photographer Ryan McGuire. The images are heavily styled and feature a wide range of subject matter.

Death to the Stock Photo



Death to the Stock Photo is a pay monthly service, which allows you to download images from their vast library for $10 a month. However, if you sign up to their newsletter they will send you a pack of stock images every month for free.