The Art of a Minimal Web Designer

Minimal web design is a new ‘trend’ that is supposedly sweeping the internet and creating magnificent websites that not only look great, but function for all the right reasons. However, minimal web design is nothing new – it’s been around for years – it’s just now it has a name.

Minimal web design is the product of a group of web designers that create websites with minimal purpose. This doesn’t mean the websites are pointless, it actually means that the websites have a few key functions and that’s all. Take the Google home page as an example, it’s simple and straight to the point. Type in what you want to find and go. No messing around, no content on the page to distract you, just one purpose.

We recently worked on a project with one such minimal web designer GG Digital. We brought her on board as a consultant to give us advice on the layout and function of one of our websites. Her input and design knowledge allowed us to create a website that not only looked beautiful, but functioned perfectly too.

Go check out her work and tell her who sent you: