Our top 5 plugins for managing WordPress

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top 5 plugins

There’s a reason why over 74 million people around the world use WordPress as their choice for building a website. As an easy to use platform, which is also open source, there are plenty of extensions you can add to customise your site.

In WordPress terms, these extensions are called plugins. Here we’ve used our experience and client feedback to put together our top 5 plugins for managing WordPress.

Content Management: Imsanity 

Imsanity is a plugin which takes the hassle out of images. Generally, content managers should be aware of the image sizes they are uploading to their WordPress site. If you’re uploading an image which is over 1000 pixles wide, chances are you’re going to slow your site down.

Imsanity automatically re-sizes your images based on the parameters you set. This can also come in very handy should you have multiple contributors to your site who all upload images.

SEO Enhancement: WordPress SEO 

WordPress SEO by Yoast is by far the best SEO plugin you can add to your WordPress website. Aside from the coding of your site, this plugin forces you to think about content, not just for Google, but for your readers too.

Comment moderation: Askimet 

Askimet is your go to plugin for comment moderation. If you have a site, which allows comments on blog posts or relies on comments for interaction, then you probably also have spam.

WordPress is known for its below par comment moderation, so all you need to do is enhance it with this plugin. It works by checking your comments with the Askimet web service and organises them accordingly.

Performance: Wordfence 

Mentioned in our Top tips to keep your website safe from hackers post, Wordfence is our choice for website security.

In a nutshell it checks for intruders, scans your site, enhances security and to top it all off – it boosts your site’s speed as well.


So there you have it, our top 5 plugins for managing WordPress. This list is ever changing, and it doesn’t include the plugins we use for website development. However, we believe the plugins we have chosen above are timeless, due to their consistent updates and scope for improvement.