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Website Design Services

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Website design, development and hosting crafted in-house by our friendly team of web designers and developers. We pride ourselves in producing the best website for you that is as effective as it is creative. Find out more below:


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Our assistance can range from providing promotional landing pages, through to larger enterprise bespoke website delivery. From content managed systems to custom built feature-rich websites.


In a recent survey, 46% say a website’s design is the no. 1 criteria for the credibility of a company*

Our web design solutions balance the importance of being found through search, being optimised for mobile devices and being integrated with social media.

information architecture

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If your website visitor can’t find what they’re looking for then you’ve potentially lost them too soon. How the content on your website is structured is a vital stage undertaken early on in the website design process. More than just about site navigation, this connects existing user expectations with what you want them to find.

User Interface Design

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User interface design focuses on visual aspects such as the styling, quantity and location of features, links and call to actions. Good user interface design can greatly affect how well a visitor responds.


83% of website visitors leave a site due to poor user interface and navigation.*

It can improve the recognition of vital links and click-throughs, increase time spent on pages and encourage the exploration of a website more deeply.

responsive website design

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We can provide a ‘responsive’ website that dynamically adapts to device, screen and browser width. Our website design team have evolved a bespoke responsive solution that we guarantee will work on all devices. We strongly recommend to all our clients that have a responsive website. As a quick example – this site is responsive! Resize your browser window or check our website on another device.

* source: Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, Kissmetics

website development

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Once your website is designed, website development is handled in-house. The ‘front-end’ development phase uses the latest internet standards of HTML5 and CSS3, for cross-browser compatibility and consistent appearance. The ‘back-end’ development typically covers the use of javascript and PHP for the scripting of dynamic features.

content management systems

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If you need parts of your website updated on a regular basis, we can either provide a regular service where we prepare images and make image and text updates on your behalf, or design and build your site onto a Content Managed System for you to administer yourself. If a ‘CMS’ is the route for you, there are several to choose from; open-source, premium and custom built. We can help you decide.

search engine optimisation

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Our websites are designed from the start to cater for optimal natural search results without compromising user experience.

We understand the fine balance of keywords, headings, links and page descriptions that go into the shifting search criteria within SEO. Combined with website analytics, this is one of the powerful tools to help you succeed.

hosting & support

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Moving from development to the launch phase, we can install and deploy your site on a suitable hosting platform. We provide a fully managed hosting service with support for the website code we have built for you. We provide assistance to make sure your website stays live, is functioning at 100%, and are the first point of contact should you need help.