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Our experience and understanding of many media channels, from highly targetted eshots, Facebook promotions, animated banner ads or click-through landing-pages, means we always deliver the goods.


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From the range of broader digital agency services we provide, we can help populate your email database with genuinely interested customers by devising ways to encourage sign up through your website and social media channels. We can then design a variety of ‘eshots’ and help you send targeted email campaigns with measured results. From newsletters, offers and promotions, to bespoke campaigns with website landing pages.


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Social Media is key area that customers engage with your organisation or brand. Whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, You Tube or Vimeo.
We can help you make these platforms fit with your overall brand identity and develop your engagement in this area as part of your overall branding and digital marketing strategy.


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We can produce digital artwork for online advertising for any business to business or consumer display needs you may have.

From banner ads to ‘skyscrapers’, concise or animated with click-through landing pages if required, optimised to generate maximum results.


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Often a project will require many or almost all of our services, namely a cross-media campaign. This project might require a promotion designing, followed by a web microsite, online and print ads, a social media viral and a sequence of html emails.
Whatever your plans, we can handle everything smoothly and help you really push the boat out.