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Whether you need a subtle logo update or completely new branding designed from scratch – we can help. We can also help you plan your launch strategy, produce brand guidelines and implement a phased or high impact roll-out across multiple media.

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Brand identity, corporate identity or that good old-fashioned no-nonsense term, the ‘logo’. Whatever you call it, identities can be deceptively simple or complex, attention grabbing or subtle, witty, cutting edge, classic, friendly, familiar and much more. Skills include custom typeface design and icon, or mascot design. We take the time to really get to know your organisation and its aspirations and put our creative minds to work to design you an original identity.


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As many times as we create a new identity, we are asked to look at updating an existing one. Some client’s brands are well established and still a reasonable fit for the company ethos and direction but require a subtle upgrade when aspects of the design look dated.

Others find that their existing identity formats just don’t work well on social media, tablets and iPhones. These are all familiar problems that we can fix.


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For some clients, there’s much more to their branding needs than the brand identity alone. A well thought out brand design can be infinitely extended over multiple platforms, at both outward-marketing and inter-organisational levels.

We have launched many branding projects across websites, social media, email, advertising, signage and print.


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Once the work is complete, we can provide you with a ‘brand bible’, artwork masterfiles and a digital file versions of your identity saved in the most commonly used formats.

The files together with our guidelines help to ensure correct third party usage to protect your brand assets going forward.