Do I Need a Content Management System?

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content management system

A content management system (CMS) takes your site from a complicated set of code, to a website that you can update and change yourself with ease.

The basics

A web content management is essentially a program you can access online which allows you to update your website easily. Here you can update text, add images and update information.

Why you might need it

You may have a portfolio or news site that needs constantly updating and you want to do it yourself, with a CMS you can upload all of this data in the form of a post or page without the help of a coder.

Similarly if you want a blog added to your website which you want to update regularly, a CMS will allow you to have a blog within your existing site that you can update as much as you want.

Even simple things like changing your website tagline, or changing a title of one of your pages can be done easily with the help of a CMS.

What we recommend

WordPress is our choice for non-ecommerce websites. Its user interface is simple and easy to pick up, which allows the client to feel comfortable operating their site. It also had a wide variety of functions that we can access to create a truly custom site.

For ecommerce websites we use either Magento or WordPress depending on the size of your shop. We have also worked with integrating ticketing systems into CMS websites, so you can keep track of your money any which way.

What we do

We adapt your CMS to fit you, depending on what you want to update, we can add, remove and customise the CMS to respond to your needs. Additionally, we can customise the CMS to carry your brand, which comes in handy if you have multiple people accessing it.

Of course, a CMS is not strictly for new websites. If you have a site you already love, but want to be able to regularly update it, then we can transfer it to a CMS for you.

The Cost

The cost of a CMS will factor into the other elements of your website, how many pages you want, if you want a blog and any little extras you want to add in.

Still not sure? Take a look at our existing CMS websites to give you a better idea of what we can do.