Kitchens Cookshop


The Task:

The Solution:

Kitchens Cookshop home page on computers and touch tablet

For our client Kitchens Cookshop’s new responsive eCommerce site, we modernised the design whilst keeping the existing branding colour scheme of the current logo, adding a new secondary font and image treatment for headings and links.

Kitchens cookshop shopping pages

Shopping navigation needs were also at the forefront of our design with improved categorisation, advanced searching and further side-column filtering to ensure customers can easily find the product they are looking for. A suite of images and ‘buzzwords’ for each category was created to make the shopping experience memorable.

eCommerce conversion rate

Since launch, the changes made to Kitchens Cookshop have seen nearly a 10% rise in online revenue, 20% more transactions and a considerable 88.88% increase in conversion rate.

Recipe pages on site

The Kitchens Cookshop recipe section with its own filtering, mouth-watering images, easy to use information icons and tabs, search functionality and related products linking back to the store.

kitchens cookshop session duration

Since launch, this section has contributed to a significant 63.51% increase in session duration and the numbers of pages visited up by 73.15%.