Gardiner Haskins Social Strategy


The Task:

The Solution:

The Gardiner Haskins social campaign focused around a ‘Selfie Gromit trail’ set up by Gardiner Haskins to raise money for Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity. We provided 1 month of social media posts leading up to and during the Gromit trail as well as accompanying email newsletters to aid in promotion.

Our social media posts focused on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and included new social media cover and profile images.

Gardiner Haskins Social

Bespoke Gardiner Haskins social campaign cover image for social media use across Facebook, Twitter and Google +

Gardiner Haskins Social Facebook

Featured Facebook post promoting the Selfie Trail with added Facebook boost with included photograph as part of the campaign. The boost increased the interaction on the post and the overall campaign which would have been minimal due to a low number of likes on the page.

Gardiner Haskins Twitter profile

The Gardiner Haskins Twitter page, including cover image, higher quality profile image and featured pinned tweet.

Gardiner Haskins Twitter Analytics

Growth in Twitter followers, impressions and visits towards the end of the 1 month campaign showed a significant rise in customer interaction.