Cloud Computing Benefits for Modern Businesses

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Cloud computing is not a new concept. It’s been around for some 50 years when mainframe computers first became available. Here though, we are talking about modern cloud computing – which is a whole different kettle of fish.

The word cloud is a general term for the internet, and in this case refers to internet servers being used for storage and applications. These applications could be used for a variety of tasks. Sending files to working members of your team, working together online on a project, or video conference calls. Even websites like Facebook and Hotmail use cloud computing for transferring data.

For a web design company the cloud is invaluable. With offices across the country we can use the cloud to stay connected and more importantly, stay creative.

What exactly can cloud computing do for business?

For start up businesses and existing ones, the benefits of cloud computing will vary. One thing is for certain, you will likely use at least one form of cloud computing in your working life. Weather you are a member of a large PR organisation, or a design company like us.

File Sharing

One of the most common cloud services are storage solutions. Businesses are able to transfer files to co-workers or clients through these services. Many of them are free, with added costs depending on your file sizes. Two of the most common are Dropbox and YouSendIt.

There are also variations on these storage solutions. Windows SkyDrive acts much like the above file transfer services, but also allows various users to work on one project at the same time. Using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and more, users can edit work in real time together.

For specialising companies there are hundreds of services out there to cater for your business. We use a variety of different programs which suit are needs, including wireframe prototype tool HotGloo.

Video Conferencing

When working apart, it’s vital for company members to share ideas and collaborate with each other on projects. Services such as Skype and Google+ allow members to use video conference calling for daily meetings. In essence the tool allows for employees to have an office atmosphere without overheads.

What’s the future of cloud computing?

With virtual offices now available and almost every new computing service working online, what can we expect from the future?

With the industry growing and more businesses jumping on board, it’s not just these businesses that will benefit from the cloud. IT companies have a new way to put their software to potential clients and due to its changing nature, the possibilities are arguably endless.

Time will only tell what the future of cloud computing will bring, but for now there is a plethora of services for businesses to use and discover. Many of which cost very little to help your business expand, develop and push boundaries.