5 Exercises To Do At Your Desk

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The average person with a desk job spends on average 1,200 hours a year sitting at their desk*, that’s 50 days and nights just sitting down. Sitting for such lengthy periods of time – coupled with an unhealthy diet – can lead to some worrying symptoms such as heart disease and diabetes**.

Of course we would rather this wasn’t the case – so what’s the solution? Although you may be sitting down for the majority of your day, taking the time to do a few exercises while at your desk could not only improve your physical health, but mental health too.

Below are five different exercises, these range from the more discreet, to the down right obvious.

1. Basic stretches

You may find your back and arms becoming tight as the day wears on. Stretch these parts of your body by rolling your shoulders, moving your neck from side to side, and reaching your arms across your body – much like you would after exercise.

2. Leg raise Exercises

While sitting at your desk, push your chair backwards so your leg has room to fully extend (if you have room under your desk then stay as you are). Place both hands on the seat by your bottom and point your right foot out in front of you then lower. Repeat with the other leg and carry on until you feel you have done enough.

3. Time for tea

We all get up from the desk during the day to make ourselves a hot drink, so while the kettle is boiling take the time to do some exercises. A discreet one is to stand with your feet together and arms by your side, then simply go up on the tips of your toes and slowly back down again, repeat until the kettle has boiled. A more vigorous (and noticeable) one would be to to do a High Intensity exersise eg set the kettle to boil and run as fast as you can up and down the nearest set of steps for the duration.

4. Tennis roll

Back to a more more soothing technique: something as simple as giving yourself a little foot relief could improve your working day. Bring a tennis ball to work and roll it under your shoe-less feet until you feel completely relaxed.

5. Desk push ups

For the gym enthusiasts among us, using your desk as a way of doing push ups could be the answer to overcoming your desk-job lazy day. On a suitable break and probably with some warning to your colleagues, simply stand facing your desk and place both hands comfortably on the edge, push your body away and to the desk while making sure to keep a straight line through your back. Overcome the embarrassment factor by getting them to join in.

For us at Rare Company, we instigated a mix of all of these between us 18 months ago, to suit our different personalities and physical needs. We are happy to say we feel better for it.


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