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Bristol, Bath & Beyond.

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Custom web design for websites that work brilliantly on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Websites, branding and digital marketing for clients large and small.

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  • Mobile Friendly

  • Custom Coded

  • Effective Ecommerce

Responsive Design:
At Rare Company, Bristol or Bath, we can future proof your company with a 'responsive' website design - one website that works on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. This means you don't need a costly second site just for mobiles or your site made as a mobile App.

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With a responsive website, you won't miss out on the visitors who will visit your site on their iPad, Nexus or smartphone. Any kind of website can be created or converted to responsive eg. marketing, events, shopping and booking sites. They can even be content managed too.

A responsive website is fast becoming the most cost-effective way to take advantage of the booming number of users on tablets and mobiles.

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Web Development:
All our website coding is done in-house by the same friendly website team here at Rare Company Bristol and Bath. Always on-hand and easy to talk to - your needs won't get lost in translation.

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For organisations or businesses in need of custom coded features and functions, challenges are met daily. We are early adopters of the latest coding standards and uphold best practice techniques in the field.

Related services we provide include hosting from basic to advanced, monitoring, support and Search Engine Optimisation packages. Contact us in Bristol or Bath with any queries.

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eCommerce Web Design:
Ecommerce in the Uk has been growing at a tremendous pace. A shopping site design has to have great usability and speed mixed with great brand and product presentation. Oh, and it needs to work just as well on mobile and touch devices!

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Also important is the ability to get the most from each visitor through loyalty programmes and custom add-on features. A Rare Company eCommerce website can be created with WooCommerce for smaller businesses or Magento eCommerce for more established enterprises.

We recommend that we make or convert your eCommerce website to a responsive one. It wouldn't be money well spent otherwise, and it currently brings a competitive advantage in terms of customer reach and engagement.

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  • From simple to bespoke

  • Desktop, tablets & mobiles

  • Magento & WooCommerce

  • SEO, hosting & support



  • Mobile-friendly designs

  • Content management

  • Email & social marketing

  • Impact & results driven

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